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"Yine de saygım baskın çıkıyor. Birkaç günün büyütecinden bakmayı korumaktan alamıyorum kendimi. Seni öyküler dışı tutacağım. Öyküler ancak bizim dışımızda yaşanmışlık sanrılarında uyutacak bir kısa zaman için -içi sıkılanları. Onlara bir ölçü duygu da katacağım hatır için! Yazık ki deliremeyeceğim. " Dost-Yaşamasız, Bay Muannit Sahtegi'nin Notları, Siyah-Beyaz, Mızıkalı Yürüyüş-Kara Tren, Buzul Çağının Virüsü, Ihlamur Ağacı-İpin Ucu'ndan sonra Kapan ile Vüs'at HARDIHOOD. Bener yazını sürüyor. .

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Really good historical account of the Civil Rights movement, with a well-reasoned argument placing the importance of grass-roots organization at the forefront.

2020-12-25 17:58


** spoiler alert ** This book consists of three short stories in the romance genre. I hadn’t read any work by these three authors before, and lets just say this book is probably not for anyone under 18. Really racy, and very graphic stories. Web of Desire by Cathryn Fox This story is about two witches Ally and her cousin Selina. They live in a town where everyone knows they are witches, and the town keeps their secret as long as they use their powers for good. Selina starts to use her power to trap the men in the town in a web (literally) and have her way with them. The women of the town obviously don’t appreciate this so they tell Ally she has to get rid of her cousin. Ally banished her to the netherworld, but ten years later she returns and is charged to banish her again. Ally finds her first love tangled in one of Selina’s webs, and he has no memory of her. There’s sex, some some spell casting and revelations of jealousy and envy. Solo Tu by Mandy M. Roth This story’s main female character is also a witch and her name is Francy. After some time away from home she returns to tell her former crush and almost lover Dante, that she is getting married. He does his best to change her mind, and by that I mean have crazy sex with her and get her pregnant. She doesn’t really seem to feel to bad about cheating on her fiance, she even expresses that she doesn’t quite know why she’s marrying him. The fiance (Ivon) eventually shows up and there are revelations made concerning an ex-girlfriends (Ivon’s) spirit, which explains why Francy was even with him to start. Tempted by Two by Anya Bast This is the longest story in the book and definitely the most developed one plot- wise. It’s about a woman named Miranda who finds out she has magic in her blood, when she starts seeing things that shouldn’t exist. She also finds out she is “soul mates” with two men and they want her as a third in there relationship. Needless to say there’s a lot of sex. However the story is actually good, it deals with Miranda’s childhood and how she watched her father abuse her mother growing up. That abuse led to her taking a job as a counsellor at a women’s shelter, and also her hesitancy to make any sort of relationship commitments in adulthood.

2020-09-20 17:35


Bu kitabı sonuna kadar gerçekten çok sevdim. Bu harika bir kitap kulübü seçimi için yapar.

2020-01-14 10:53

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